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The Lisa Kent Memorial Nursery School

This school was rebuilt on a new site in 2015 and is now called the Lisa Kent Friendship Nursery school. To find out more about the new school, please visit out dedicated page here.

The Lisa Kent Memorial Nursery SchooThe Lisa Kent Memorial Nursery School is for Christian and Muslim children aged 3-7 years old situated in a village in the South Kombo area of the Gambia.

After gradual development the school has three classrooms, toilets and showers, a Headmaster’s office and store. The school also has running water and electricity, thus providing lights and fans in each classroom.

There are many children in this area who are unable to attend school as their parents are unable to pay. For this reason the Trust operates a sponsorship programme allowing some of these children the chance of an education and a better start to life.

The School was first opened in 2001 under the name of the AC Nursery School, as a result of the Head sitting on a road side near his compound an seeing lots of children loitering around.

“I asked information about them and found them not even enrolled at school. I called a meeting with the parents and talked to them about starting a new school for their children, which they really wanted. Then we joined hands and made some mud blocks and started the building. It was ready within two months. I started with fifteen children”.

One of the classroms

The school offers local children an education through sponsorhips with the aim of giving them a better start to life.

Originally there were five nursery schools in the area, now there are only two and demand for places is high.

We first met the Head in October 2002 and visited his school, a traditional mud building. As a result of our visit the Trust supported the rebuild of the school in modern materials on an adjoining site providing a water supply which was previously collected from the village pump.

The School now has three classrooms, toilets and showers, a Headmasters office and store. In 2007 electrical power was added, which allows the opportunity for the school to be used for adult evening classes to support the local villagers. There is also internet access.

The new buildingsThe Trust set up a sponsorship programme for the children in most need of help. This is now extended to other schools. We hope that a sponsor will where possible sponsor a child throughout their education. The Trust oversees the sponsorship of all children when they move to primary and secondary schools.

The parents are extremely grateful for the help which provides their children with an education that would not otherwise have been possible.

The Lisa Kent Memorial Nursery school has now moved sites as it known as The Lisa Kent Friendship Nursery School.