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The Lisa Kent Friendship Nursery School

Following the changes in operating a private school by the Dept of Education in September 2012, the Trust managed to secure a temporary license enabling us to look for a land in the facility. This was not an easy task with land being at a premium due to its close proximity to the sea.

friendship-school-01Eventually after three unsuccessful attempts to find a plot we discovered a piece of land suitable in January 2014 to build a replacement school and it was only 5 minutes walk from the existing school. We were very lucky that all the paperwork was completed during a Trustees visit enabling us to start clearing the site within a two week period.

As you can see from the photos in the gallery below the buildings were in a very poor condition. One of the buildings was quickly demolished and the foundations for the new classroom block were started. The remaining building was used as a store for the building materials and a night watchman employed to safeguard the site. We were under great pressure to complete the build of this school for the start of the new academic year in September 2014. With limited funds this was a very daunting thought. Luckily there was already a tap on site although the supply had been cut off and the plot was partly walled so this made things a little easier. We managed to have the tape reconnected after debts were paid by the previous owner and we also had to make sure all the yearly taxes were paid up to date. A side gate and the main gates were made by a local craftsman to secure the site.

friendship-school-02The classroom block went up quickly and with lots of fundraising and generous donations we were able to then build the toilet and shower block, after the remaining build on the site was demolished to make room.

During this time the building work was regularly inspected by the Planning Dept and also by the Dept of Education.

By August the toilet block had been completed. We then had a mad dash for the classrooms to be decorated and the furniture transferred from the LKMNS. With great relief this was achieved.

Term started with a very excited staff and subsequently we were over subscribed and subsequently had to turn children away.

friendship-school-03After more fundraising we were then able to start on the build of the office, store and caretakers accommodation. We were able to complete all the work including the tiling and decorating by February 2015.

It was such a relief to complete this build and thus secure the future of the school and the children in the local community.

Life is very different in this school compared to the old one, in a family compound.

The old school will be utilised for a future venture. Keep watching!!!