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Current and future projects

The Lisa Kent Trust is looking for talented, self-motivated, enthusiastic individuals to join us as Trustees in the  following roles.

  1. current-future-projects-01Fundraisers
  2. Social medial host
  3. Grant applications
  4. Publicity Officer
  5. Voluntourism officer

These roles can be carried out from anywhere in the country.

The Lisa Kent Trust  has outstanding performance in the schools with a diverse and motivated work force in The Gambia.  The Trust currently supports over 600 children’s  education, with a number of high achieving pupils looking to move into the Gambian business world in the coming years.

current-future-projects-02The Trust has links to medical centres, sports facilities and clubs and is a Duke of Edinburgh Gold activity provider.

We have an established Voluntourism package offering exciting opportunities for short and long stays, working with LKT in The Gambia.

We are a multi-cultural charity working to promote the development of The Gambia and Africa generally.

If you would like to take up this exciting opportunity and be part of the  development team  supporting  the Trust in its future challenges, then we would love to hear from you.

current-future-projects-03A vital role of the work of the LKT is to make sure the Trust continues for generations to come.

Our ongoing sponsorship programme is vital and one of the key aims of the work of the Trust.

What better way than to give a child a start in life and a hope of a brighter future, out of the poverty trap?

Our voluntourism trips are a fantastic opportunity to experience life in a third world country and to be part of it, even for a short time.  Our trips are tailor made to suit participants needs, thus ensuring the best from your trip.

Fundraising is also a vital part of the work of LKT, ensuring we can run the schools, employ the staff, maintain the buildings and not forgetting all the resources which are needed.

Medical aid is always needed as we strive to ensure the health of all of our staff and pupils.  We do not want anyone to suffer when help is available.

List of educational resources needed:

  • current-future-projects-04Jigsaw puzzles up to 30 piece
  • Inset puzzles
  • Wooden building blocks
  • Wooden shapes of different sizes and colours
  • Shape posting boxes
  • Construction – stickle bricks, duplo etc
  • Matching games
  • Clocks
  • Dominoes – small and large.
  • Toys, strong trucks, cars, trains etc
  • Dressing up clothes
  • Tea sets and other pretend role play items
  • ‘Home corner’ equipment
  • Musical instruments – hand held size
  • Exercise books
  • Pencils – regular and chunky for small fingers
  • Chunky pencil crayons
  • Chunky wax crayons
  • Table fixed pencil sharpeners
  • Paint brushes – chunky
  • Paint pots with lids
  • Children’s scissors
  • Children’s plastic painting overalls/aprons
  • PE equipment – bean bags, soft balls of different sizes, hoops, cones etc
  • Playdough/ plasticene and tools for cutting, rolling etc
  • Buckets, spades, scoops etc for sand play
  • Hard backed picture only books