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About Lisa Kent

Lisa KentLisa was born on 9th October 1984. She worked on Ward C8 at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, which deals with trauma and orthopaedics patients.

Tragically, in December 2003 at the tender age of 19, Lisa died in a car accident.

In January 2005, the AC Nursery School was renamed The Lisa Kent Memorial Nursery School as a tribute to Lisa, as she loved children and they all loved her.

Poems about Lisa

Dearest Lisa
You came into our lives like a bouncing ball of life
You made us laugh and like a star you shone so bright

But now that ball no longer bounces, and our lives are so flat
There is no laughter anymore and the star that shone is out

All that’s left are our fondest memories
God bless you always Lisa for being our friend

Written by the staff on Ward C8, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge

Fallen memories Hopeful dreams

The world just keeps on going, time will never stand
Our memories keep a flowing, to a far off land
Where you look upon us, to guide us through our life
Making sure you keep us, safe, free from strife
Your name goes on in future, a school you’d be proud of
To carry forth your life in name, your life that you loved
To see the children’s faces, of a chance they now can see
To be just like the rest of us, a chance to believe
To know that there are people, that who do really care
To use your name in a way, for our burden easier to bear
Their smiling happy faces, their laughter shining through
It reminds us so dearly, of what we had with you
The stars above remind us, stars so very bright
To teach us that above us they are a guiding light
The sun will shine a path for us, for us to grow and be strong
The seas work their magic, for a place for us to belong
Creatures of the world play a very special part
They teach us love, to care for them and remind us of our heart
So we can go out in this world, to make a mark so true
And we will remember that all this, has come from knowing you
Dear Lisa your name still goes on, an honour in your name
It makes us so very proud of you, in our hearts you always remain
The school it is so happy, embraced with love and care
It has your name, your life, your love, so very, very rare
We will always remember you, our tears a rolling tide
You will always be around us, safely by our side.

Mum x