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The Lisa Kent Trust promise to Sustainability

Sustainable development has become an increasingly popular paradigm over the last two decades as it has been realized that environmental and developmental needs are inexorably linked (Gwyne and Kay 2004).
Sustainability is not just concerned with ecological and environmental issues but also covers areas such as political, economic and social.

The Lisa Kent Trust bases it current and future development on the Brundtland commission (1987) which states that ‘development should meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’.

In each step of The Lisa Kent Trust Journey it has been highly important for us to ensure that we create a project that has a continued legacy in helping children of The Gambia have the best possible start.
To ensure the schools have a long and sustainable future they are built and operate day to day using as much renewable and locally sourced material as possible to reduce our ‘ecological footprint’. This also has the benefit of boosting the local economy and creating vital links with local communities.

Our belief in sustainability continues through our working parties trips, where whilst we encourage members to enjoy ‘The Gambian Experience’ we also promote responsible eco-tourism where possible, which is aimed at not just reducing over consumption but cultural impacts too.

So while for many the idea of sustainability has become a must use ‘buzz word’, for The Lisa Kent Trust it has become a philosophy we stick by to ensure we are creating a project which has a truly positive impact for The Gambian community not only now but in the future too!